Emmalene Beck Skin Specialist

Passion For Beauty

After starting out in the cosmetic/beauty industry over 15 years ago I found myself wanting to go further with the knowledge I had gained and decided to move into the world of aesthetics.

Looking after your skin has never been as important as it is today, having to deal with everyday stresses and the natural ageing process It’s time to give our skin a helping hand……

Advanced skin training

After completing over five years of advanced training in IPL for hair reduction and skin treatments, Radio Frequency, Cryopen and Microdermabrasion, I then travelled to the Advanced Skin Clinic in London to enhance my knowledge in advanced skin and to train in some advanced skin treatments including Chemical Peels, Dermapen and Skin needling treatments.

I then made the decision to take my knowledge and training further and continue my path within the Injectable Industry and am now fully qualified through CTIA (Cosmetic Treatment & Injectable Academy) in Wrinkle Relaxing Injections……

“You’re never too old to become younger”

Mae West

“Aging is a fact of life.
Looking your age is not.”

Dr Howard Murad

Always start with the basics

Clients often ask what is the best way to look after my skin, my reply would be always start with the basics, cleansing and moisturising then we can work from there! There are no quick fixes but there are so many ways we can enhance and help our skins.

With a retail range of Makeup, Skincare, Advanced skincare and Sun-care products I really do have all your needs covered.