What is Glycopeel?

Glycopeel is a highly active skin resurfacing gel that combines glycolic and salicylic acid along with Pomegranate enzymes, to intensively peel multiple layers of damaged skin, revealing dramatically brighter, smoother looking skin.

Designed to target specific skin conditions

The Glycolic skin peel is designed to target specific skin conditions, types and areas such as blemishes, pigmentation, age spots, sun damage, Acne prone skin, dry and oily skin.

Glycopeel treatment areas include:

Face, Neck,  Chest,  Back and Hands.

A course of 6 treatments is advised for maximum results, full prices are available upon request.

The Glycopeel treatment can be combined with a number of other treatments for specific concerns and skin conditions.

“My second Glycopeel and my skin is just smooth and glowing! Thank you so much Emmalene you are a miracle worker.”

Joanne Robinson

“My Skin feels more calm, redness has been reduced and my skin has a little glow “to it.

Joanne Cooke

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What is a Glycolic Skin Peel?
A Glycolic skin peel is designed to exfoliate your skin, this encourages the skin to refresh itself, the deeply cleansing Glycopeel relieves built up congestion, pigmentation, age spots and dullness. Revealing a brighter skin complexion.

Are skin peels just for the face?
No, you can have a skin peel on many area’s these include, neck, chest, back, hands and arms.

Are Beautylab products paraben free?
Yes all products are Paraben free.

Can I use makeup after treatment?
It is advised that the skin is left free from makeup to maximise benefits however if you want to apply makeup a 100% pure mineral makeup would be the best.

Why do you recommend to use serum and moisturiser?
Serums are able to penetrate deeper into the skin layers, serums also help the moisturiser to penetrate the skin better.

Why is the BeautyLab Glycolic range different to others on the market?
The Glycopeel has a blend of glycolic acid and pomegranate enzyme, the latter intensifies the exfoliation process with less irritation. The retail products also contain a slow release salicylic acid which gives greater product performance. There is no down-time, there should be little to no peeling from this treatment.

How often should I use the Glycowash?
The optimum amount is 2-3 times a week, do not exceed this.

Glycopeel Treatment Prices

Treatment cost’s start from £45.00
Course of 6 treatments from £270.00