Radio Frequency

What is Radio Frequency?

Radio Frequency for facial tightening

Radio frequency is primarily used to treat skin laxity by facial tightening, and is best suited to patients with mild to moderate sagging of facial tissues, usually those in their mid thirties to fifties, with any skin colour.

It is commonly used to treat the forehead (lift brows and tightens forehead skin), under the eyes (thickens skin and tightens and lifts the upper cheek skin), cheeks (lifts slightly and diminishes enlarged pores), mid-face, jaw line (diminishes jowling and sagging along the jaw line), and the neck (tightens skin and diminishes wrinkling of the neck).

How does Radio Frequency Work

Radio Frequency energy stimulates and gently heats the affected area in the dermis causing the molecules to rub together and in turn this creates heat, when the temperature reaches between 68-72 degrees the heat then stimulates the layer of collagen fibres in the dermis causing them to contract.

This will then stimulate the reconstruction of collagen. Showing a younger more supple complexion. Radio Frequency can work very well with a range of other treatments for maximum results.

Combined Radio Frequency technology with IPL enhances treatment results..

Increasingly innovation is producing devices that utilise RF energy in combination with other modalities, which are themselves enhanced by the addition of RF, producing machines able to treat more successfully a wider variety of aesthetic requirements from skin tightening to hair removal and cellulite.

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What results can I Expect
Immediately following the treatment, your skin will feel tighter, with more tightening improvements appearing gradually over the months after treatment.

Results are said to last up to a couple of years, and a single initial treatment can be enough to produce results in some people, depending on skin thickness; however your practitioner will be able to determine a course of treatments specific to you and your needs.

How Many Treatments Will I Need
A course of treatments is recommended as this will stimulate the re-growth of collagen and have longer lasting results. A course of up to 10 treatments is recommended with a 10-14 day break in between each treatment, packages can be tailor made to suit each individual client, this treatment can also be combined with Microdermabrasion to achieve maximum results.

How long will it take to recover from Radiofrequency treatments?
Some people experience mild redness immediately following treatment (similar to a sunburnt look), but this usually disappears quickly. Most people find that they can return to work and normal activities immediately after treatment.

What Aftercare is advised after the treatment
After having a Radio Frequency Facial Treatment it is advised that you re-frain from carrying out any strenuous exercise for around 24 hours and avoid using steam rooms and saunas. If you are going into the sun, using a high factor sun tan cream is always advised.

Who should not have a Radiofrequency treatments?
As long as you are generally healthy and don’t have any skin diseases or infections in the area treated, there are few medical reasons why patients should not undergo this treatment.

People with sensory disturbance to the skin may not be considered good candidates as this could make the reporting of discomfort during the procedure unreliable, leading to potential harm.

Although there is no evidence that this treatment is harmful for pregnant women, you would generally be advised to wait until after you have given birth before embarking upon a course of treatment.

More importantly, people with electrical devices e.g., pacemakers, or metal implants e.g., artificial metal hip joints, heart valves or dental plates, cannot be treated because RF current flowing through the body may interfere with these devices or heat up metal implants, which could dangerous.

Radio frequency treatment prices

A single treatment of RF (Radio Frequency) will cost from £40.0

Prices will vary depending on the area to be treated and if being combined with other skin treatments

Courses are also available for this treatment starting from £99.00